I don't know why we're keeping Hugo a secret. It's not that big a deal.

Well, the floor isn't that bad...

But that's not what's keeping Stanley awake. It's the rush of inspiration, that exciting yet frustrating spirit of the mind that races on and on with no regard for tomorrow or the fact that you need to get some sleep already. What things he could make! Okay, let's be fair, he'll probably start twenty builds and never finish a single one. But who cares? That doesn't make it any less exciting! A universe of possibilities lies before him!


adventuresinsbw is the story child-me would have told if they had the help of adult-me, a DOS emulator, occasional MSPaint, and a random number generator. Follow Stanley and his friends in a pixellated world where the only limits are their imagination... and the graphical capabilities of 1992.

Yet another oddity from the Lilac Lynx, with the help of Storybook Weaver.